Around the web

Searching around the interweb for the best of the blogosphere, the following articles have caught my attention over the last few days. Happy reading.

1) Following the continuing success of Jerusalem (now gaining rave reviews on Broadway for both the play and Mark Rylance’s stunning performance), the Guardian have interviewed Jez Butterworth. Considering how Londoncentric the cultural world tends to be in the UK, it is interesting that he really only rediscovered his mojo (nothing like a high-concept pun) by moving to the countryside. Be warned it is slightly painful to discover that he was the script doctor on Mr & Mrs Smith, it feels like Picasso being asked to touch up a potato print. Full article here…

2) Matt Trueman’s Carousel of Fantasies continues to review all the plays that I wish had seen but never got round to (and now don’t need to!). This week its I am the wind at the Young Vic.

3) The always intriguing West End Whingers have taken their idiosyncratic approach to Edward Albee and have given a rather luke-warm reception to A delicate balance. An interesting contrast to the hugely positive review (but still only 4*) in The Guardian

4) The Independent brings tales of a very Summer-y Alice in Wonderland. Far too much potential for audience interaction as far as I am concerned but it does sound like you get a slap-up meal to go with it so if you happen to be in Norfolk between the 18-21 May then give it some thought.

5) Last but not least, the Guardian’s theatre blog muses on whether critics give too little focus to the actors’ performances during their critiques of plays. As usual the comment board is open and getting feistier and more personal by the minute.

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