The Stow Festival – A shameless plug and a great event

Tomorrow kicks off a project that I have been working on in the background  for almost 9 months. No, I am not expecting a baby but in its own way the residents of Walthamstow can look forward to a new arrival  of their very own tomorrow: a dedicated local music  festival in an area that is in desperate need of more culture.

A number of ‘concerned local residents’ decided to take matters into their own hands and have put together a 4 day festival that takes place over 9 venues and includes over 25 musicians. A massive thank you must go to all the bands, venues and local businesses who have helped us to create The Stow Festival.

Now all we need is an audience…this is where you come in.

If you live in Walthamstow you have no excuse,

If you have friends who live in Walthamstow, well its the perfect time to visit,

If you have never been to Walthamstow, well what could be better than kicking off your experience with a whole host of live music to enjoy.

Shameless plug yes but this blog does not endorse any old crap. It should be the last good weekend of the year – after this it will be cold, dark, gloomy and dank. So finish off the Summer in style by showing your support and having a great day out.

Stow Festival Programme


Ok shameless, shameless plug over. Normal service will be resumed once the festival is out the way and I have managed to catch up on the many hours of sleep that I am currently missing.

Reviews over the next few weeks should include: Othello in Sheffield, Hamlet in the Young Vic and One Man, Two Guvnors in its West End incarnation. If you have any productions that you would like me to review then feel free to get in touch, I am always interested in fringe productions and new writing.


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