Civilian Theatre: Back from the void

One may think that returning to the blog after a long absence would be like finding yourself wrapped in the enthusiastic embrace from an old friend – comforting if not a little suffocating – but the reality is closer to the disquieting unease felt when faced with a locked door in an empty house. There is nothing behind it clearly – the world of ghosts and gremlins and ghouls is one that gives little concern – but subconscious tremors still create a paralysis that ripple across the keyboard and threaten the ability to make words out of thought and action.

A play is seen, an idea is sprung and an excuse is given – continuing in an ever more vicious cycle of procrastination and self-doubt until the author is left in a pitiful state, unable to even manage a pithy 140 character tweet to express dissatisfaction at another evening of psychological toss thrown up by the Barbican’s ever growing adventures into the realms of European pretension (currently standing at four plays in under 10 months shared between a German Australian, a French Strindberg, a Polish Vampire and a Spanish Shakespeare).

Luckily the success and dynamism of others have had a revitalising effect. Vicariously experiencing someone being nominated for the Evening Standard Best Play award, others nominated for a short film at the Milano Film Festival, a graphics showcase and another’s photo portfolio. They have rammed home the point that the world doesn’t slow down even if a blogger does.

And so Civilian Theatre returns…

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