2 thoughts on “And at Number 01…Civilian Theatre’s Play of 2013…

  1. I would enjoy just sitting down and dissecting this with you. I wished like hell I could have interviewed the cast members about the difference in performing this in the states and in the UK, as well as the experience of being in this show in general. Only show I’ve ever seen three times. Ever.

    • I would have like to have seen it more than once, but by the time I saw it for the first time it was all pretty much sold out for the rest of the run. It was pretty much the only show of the year that I strong-armed at least two of my friends into seeing because they were prevaricating about it. I agree that there are definitely cultural differences that probably had a part to play but then again over here it didn’t pick up a massive amount of recognition (Certainly not 9 Tony’s nomination worthy) and a lot of end of year pieces put Book of Mormon up there rather than Scottsboro. Still there is no accounting for taste!

      Trying to think if I have seen anything x3 times. Probably not. Seen a few things twice but nothing quite made it to x3 times.

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