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Words fail me but luckily they don’t fail Pippa ‘”My own experience is completely different” Fulton. Apparently her “relationship is a million miles away from the characters in the play, I am familiar with the world of WAGs, so I can put my own experiences into the part.” Whilst not being entirely clear if dating a Brentford striker (currently riding high 8th in League Division 2) strictly speaking qualifies you as a wag of the first rank and so a recourse to method acting will no doubt have to come into play to create a fully-rounded character.To be perfectly fair, Pippa did rise to stardom on BBC hit show Fame Academy and since then her career has been going from strength to strength, as her biography demonstrates.

It has been a bit harder to locate the acting credentials of the other big-name signing, Jessica Lawlor, but one needs only look to her sterling performance in lying to the Republic of Ireland manager, Steve Staunton, by telling him that Stephen Ireland’s maternal grandmother had died so that he could get out of playing a crucial game against the Czech Republic to know that she has the chops for such a major role.

Well-timed to coincide with the European Championships, the ‘acclaimed’ Rose and Crown Theatre Pub will presumably have to put in an upper-tier to meet the demand for this neo-Brechtian social satire on money and fame. With such promising material, it is important that the team behind WAG! don’t cheapen the whole affair by trying to drum-up cheap celebrity-driven content.


Well that is a regional press, its not as if a national newspaper has used it as an opportunity to include a double-page spread using sexy photos of Wags as a selling point,


Marvellous (wo)men and their flying machines


Upstairs @  Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 01 July 2011

While watching All Star Productions revival of Howard Goodall’s 1986 musicalGirlfriends I was reminded of the sheer vastness of new British writing since the 1960’s. It can seem that there is a play for any occasion; metaphor for the crisis in Serbia? Try Sarah Kane’s Blasted. Verbatim reportage on a racist killing? How about Colour of Justice. Dissident Russian’s that require a full-scale orchestra? Stoppard’s Every Good Boy…should hit the mark.

Given this incredible legacy that exists it’s dispiriting to scan the West End and see endless Musicals based on bands – Thriller / Jersey Boys; films – Legally Blonde / Shrek; or written by Andrew Lloyd Webber Shakespeare – seemingly everything else.  All Star Productions should be congratulated for getting their hands on this little known musical that is written by one of our best known composers and with input from a young Richard Curtis. It may not be a classic but a man who has won an Ivor Novello, a BAFTA and been nominated for an Emmy is more than capable of writing a few catchy tunes. The fact it is a completely original musical comes as a huge relief  and at least a modicum amount of time has been devoted to a plot and characters, which if wafer-thin, is always engaging. Continue Reading Here