Revisiting…The Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro Boys – Garrick Theatre, booking util 21 December 2014 (tickets)

Almost a year ago Civilian Theatre went to see a Kander and Ebb musical at the Young Vic. Going in with no expectations and a complete lack of awareness about anything regarding this unknown musical, I was absolutely blown away by a production that balanced the real-life emotional power of the story with an entertaining book, vaudeville repartee and stunning performances. It was a rare show that managed to entertain whilst delivering a devastating story that can resonates today. Of all the West End transfers from smaller venues in 2014 , it is seeing The Scottsboro Boys’ name in lights at the Garrick Theatre which most lifts my spirits and leads my to retain some faith in the high and mighty who control the content of the West End. Below I revisit my end of year review, which saw The Scottsboro Boys awarded my No.1 show of 2013. 

No 01 The Scottsboro Boys

For more of my thoughts have a read of Spotlight On: The Scottsboro Boys 


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